Avoiding your anxiety is not keeping you safe

You might not know looking at this photo, but in that moment I was in TERRIFIED!

This photo was taken several years ago ( my boys are now 8 & 10) and this was the first time I was biking with both of them at the same time.

So many ‘what if’ thoughts & scenario’s racing through my mind. What if we fall? What if I hurt them? I’d never forgive myself if something terrible happens’ ….. you get the drift.

And whilst biking with them both terrified me, I knew avoiding doing it wasn’t the solution. My anxiety about it wasn’t going to magically disappear and I knew I wanted the freedom & flexibility to bike with them ( essential when you live in The Netherlands )

So I faced my fear and got on the bike.

But there was also a plan to set me up for success and prove to myself I could do this and nothing disastrous was going to happen.

I started going around the block, had my husband by me for support (& tips) and then we headed off on a 20km bike ride all on the same day.

To say I was elated, is an understatement.

Avoidance is the most common coping strategy when dealing with anxiety. But it’s a false comfort because you never give yourself the learned experience that you CAN cope and handle the situation. Once you experience it, you can’t go back.

Through my therapeutic coaching approach (using CBT & Hypnosis) I can show you how to regain control over your anxiety and help you build new supportive thoughts, feelings and behaviours that make you feel yourself again (or better!).

Because when you can identify how the thoughts, feelings and behaviours you thought were keeping you safe aren’t, it changes how you see your anxiety and makes you ready for change.

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