It’s your time to thrive

It’s your time to thrive

Sick of feeling anxious, overwhelmed and frustrated?
Ready to get clear, confident and energised?
I know you are, that’s why you’re here right?


Empowerment starts here

You CAN learn to minimise stress and overwhelm
You CAN let go of habits that sabotage you
You CAN get mentally and emotionally fit to handle the physical and hormonal changes that are happening
You CAN feel empowered and in control about your future
Here’s how I can help.


Back to you is my 1:1 therapeutic coaching program. It is a 6-week, personalised coaching experience designed for those who are ready to go ALL IN and forge their own path to be confident, calmer and more vibrant self during Perimenopause.

It is ideal for you if you desire to




Coming soon!
A small online group coaching experience.

Ideal if you want to


Michelle offered me great insights that helped me rethink my priorities, my emotions, while at the same time offering practical advice.- Y Steimle
I am one of the luckiest who had the chance to work with Michelle. I have found the sessions very rewarding, particularly with regards to structuring my goals, following my plans and focusing on me. The content of the sessions was incredibly useful, stimulating and enlightening. Michelle has a natural way of communicating and motivating which helped me clarify elements of my life, both at work and personally.. Would highly recommend!- K Zolatani
Michelle motivates, inspires you and offers tools to get to know yourself better and have a clearer vision to achieve your goals with confidence. Thank you for guiding me and initiating me on this transformative path.- P Modet
Michelle planted the seeds encouraging me go deeper from the beginning. Each session was stimulating, personally challenging and reflective. The circle became round in my last session. Michelle, I couldn’t thank you more for your approach and insight. My experience was definitely positive, and I would highly recommend you. Thank you for giving up corporate life!- J, Tucker
Through our sessions she has led me from a place of uncertainty, self-doubt and paralysis to one of greater confidence, clarity in direction and positivity for what’s to come. With great empathy and humour, Michelle has helped me tap into my own intuition and has gifted me with long-lasting tools that will continue to empower and help me align my purpose, decisions and actions with my values.- K Driessen
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