Is stress affecting your Perimenopause symptoms?

The short answer is YES!
Even without putting your life stage into the equation, you and I both know that when we’re stressed we act and feel differently.

Our moods fluctuate, we lose sleep and sometimes it affects our periods. These symptoms are a result of increased cortisol (the stress hormone) which affects the balance of progesterone and estrogen in your body.

As a mid life woman, our progesterone and estrogen levels are already beginning to become imbalanced so when we add stress to the equation, we’re contributing further to the imbalance and hence exacerbating symptoms of anxiety, mood swings, irregularities in our periods and sleeplessness.

Why make your Perimenopause symptoms worse if you don’t have to?

Simply reducing the amount of stress in your daily life can have a major impact on your Perimenopause symptoms.

Not sure where to start? Try these 3 things first.

1) Notice how stress feels for you. What are the physical or mental signals that appear?
2) Take a moment to reflect on what people, places or situations that stress you out.
3) What’s in your power to change?

Then when you’re ready, start to adopt more supportive behaviours so that you minimise stress symptoms. Try adding in

💡 gentle exercise like walking, swimming or yoga
💡 eating well balanced meals (proteins, carbohydrates and fats)
💡 mindfulness techniques such as breathing to help regulate your nervous system
💡 hypnosis to imagine a more calmer, relaxed and flexible version of yourself in those situations that stress. See how I use Hypnosis

It’s my mission to help mid life women feel themselves again by managing their anxiety, stress & overwhelm. If you’re ready to feel yourself again (or better!) simply book a 30 minute ‘let’s get acquainted’ call and let’s chat.

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