Simple life advice for reducing stress

I’m hyper aware of how stress (and the resulting increase in cortisol) detrimentally affects Perimenopausal symptoms and am always working towards minimising stress as much as possible. But sometimes life throws you curve balls (as it inevitably will) and you’ll be placed in stressful circumstances. So what do can you do in these situations? Well I am going to share some life advice that’s perfect for reducing stress in the moment.

Just add water 💧💧

I’ve been leaning into this piece of life advice that I once read in the comments section of a blog. It was originally based as parenting advice to help new mums feeling emotional, overwhelmed and not sure of what to do with their baby/toddler who’s crying, restless or having a tantrum. It made me realise that the transition period of Perimenopause, feels a lot like being a new mum. In both life stages women often experience hormonal and bodily changes, mood swings, frustration, lack of self confidence with no clear guide map of the way forward.

The advice? Just add water.

Add water in whatever way you can
💧 Have a glass of water or cup of tea
💧 Have a good cry
💧 Take a shower or a bath
💧 Take a swim

It’s so simple, but in periods of high stress that’s exactly what you need.
So the next time you’re feeling stressed, just add water in any way that feels good to you. I promise you’ll start to feel your adrenalin and cortisol levels returning to normal.

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