Perimenopause, your second Spring?

Perimenopause…your second Spring?

Did you know that Traditional Chinese Medicine refers to a womens (Peri)menopause period as her second Spring?”

How beautiful is that?

What I love about this, is that evokes so much beautiful imagery. Spring for me is a time of blooming, energy, vibrancy, growth and renewal. Such a stark contrast to the Western idea of this stage in a woman’s life which for me always evokes images of dryness, coldness, barrenness and withering.

I love that our ‘Second Spring’ represents a renewal of energy and opportunities as there is a shift from fertility and reproduction to conserving and nourishing ourselves in body and mind.

I love that for me and I love that for you too.

It also speaks to how powerful we can mentally shift what this period means to us. By referring it to our ‘Second Spring’, this naturally invites new, more positive thoughts, feelings and behaviours. This is exactly the work I do when I work with women 1:1. Shedding old thoughts, feelings and behaviours so we can make room for and embrace new ones that support and nurture us.

So let me ask you this….what does your Second Spring look like?

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